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  • Absire Robert (1900 – 1980)

    Absire Robert (1900 – 1980)

    An industrialist at Rouen, director of the Tanneries Absire-Sevrey (founded in 1847), he was the son of Adrien Absire (1871–1938) and an active member of the Rouen Photo-Club from the beginning. An enthusiast of sport, hunting and travelling, he made many holiday and family films.
  • Bellefontaine André  (1902 – 1980)

    Bellefontaine André (1902 – 1980)

    A dental technician practising in Bolbec and then in Havre, he bought a 9.5mm camera at the beginning of the 1950‘s. His work includes numerous festivities in Bolbec, a large town in the Seine-Maritime department, as well as scenes from family life and excursions in the Normandy region
  • Bignon Fernand  (1888 – 1969)

    Bignon Fernand (1888 – 1969)

    Professional photographer who worked in Gisors in the 1930’s. Originally an apprentice watch-maker in Caen (Calvados), he picked up photography at the Société Caennaise de Photographie, of which he became a member in 1911.
  • Brentot André (1892 – 1973)

    Brentot André (1892 – 1973)

    A dental technician practising in Rouen, he purchased a Pathé Baby film camera at the end of the 1920‘s. As well as numerous scenes from family life, he also recorded various religious and civil ceremonies in Rouen and its environs. In this respect, his «May Day parade 1937» is rare footage of a gathering of the local forces of the Front populaire.
  • Cordier Pierre

    Cordier Pierre

    A radio and television technician. During his military service in Algeria (1957-1958) he made a dozen films on diverse Algerian villages, these documents reveal him to have ethnological preoccupations, and are not just the result of simple tourism.
  • Dasché Robert (1907 - 1988)

    Dasché Robert (1907 - 1988)

    A maritime expert, photographer, amateur film maker and member of the Rouen photo club (he was the president from 1941 to 1951). He made numerous travel films and documentaries, and was one of the first in Rouen to take colour photos. He also made medical films and films of surgery.
  • Davoust Charles (1888 - 1968)

    Davoust Charles (1888 - 1968)

    Born into a family from Mayenne that had moved to Normandy, he spent his entire career in the technical services of Electricite de France. At the beginning of the 1930’s he purchased a film camera and filmed numerous events from his family and professional life, especially the Popular Front demonstrations. Recorded from 1930 to 1945, his films contain numerous images of Norman social life from the interwar period.
  • Debros Martial

    Debros Martial

    A professional soldier, he was posted to Harfleur at the beginning of the 1960’s. While getting to know the city he used his 8mm camera to film the neighbourhoods, the commercial and industrial activities, daily life, celebrations and past times during the post-war boom period.
  • Delaruelle André (1912 - 1984)

    Delaruelle André (1912 - 1984)

    A watchmaker, he spent part of his professional career in Boulogne sur Mer (62), then in Rouen. Having participated in the founding of the Boulonnais amateur film makers’ club, he made numerous films there, including one, « Bruges ville d’art » which won national film competitions. As well as family and travel films, his work includes sports films, (regattas, passing of the Tour de France etc.) and as for the Rouen region, several views of the Circuit des Essarts and the traditional Joan of Arc fetes.
  • Dragon Maurice

    Dragon Maurice

    An engineer in the petrochemical industry, he ran a photography and amateur film making club at Exxon Mobil in Notre-Dame-de-Gravenchon (76). There, he made short films of excursions or regional folklore festivals, but above all of traditional and new agricultural practices: butter making, foies gras, milk production and even an educational film on battery hen farming. These recordings, edited and with a sound track, illustrate the last episodes of traditional farming in upper Normandy at the dawn of modernisation.
  • Girard Jacques (1920 - 2010)

    Girard Jacques (1920 - 2010)

    A doctor from Paris, he moved to Neufchâtel en Bray at the beginning of the 1950’s. Amateur film maker, there are about 20 of his films most of which are about daily life in the Pays de Bray, various travel and family films, as well as several shots of Nikita Khrushchev (official voyage in 1960) when his train stopped at Serqueux station.
  • Grandserre André (1904 - 1987)

    Grandserre André (1904 - 1987)

    A senior manager at the Sécheries de Fécamp, with a profound knowledge of the offshore fishery, many of his films were consecrated to recording what was then the biggest industry in Normandy. His films cover everything from the construction and launching of ships, to fishing voyages and fish processing, to filming the fishermen’s traditional festivals such as the celebration of Saint Peter.
  • Grandserre Henri

    The brother of André Grandserre, an amateur film maker, it was with a camera given to him by his brother that he made a first film, Le Mascaret, in Caudebec en Caux, on the phenomenon of the sudden rising of the Seine river during the spring tides. A teacher of French and drawing, he did not attach much importance to his other films. His priority was his career as a painter, which he started in his youth and which benefited from a certain recognition.
  • Guézennec Jean-Claude

    Guézennec Jean-Claude

    A French teacher at the Corneille lycée in Rouen, he was, from his nomination in 1957 to his retirement in 1993, the principal organiser of audio-visual based teaching activities, be it for creation, screening or conservation. His various activities are at the origin of the local cinematic scene, as much for amateur or professional practices.
  • Haury Jean (1898 - 1978)

    Haury Jean (1898 - 1978)

    A general practitioner of medicine in Havre, it was to fill his spare time that he dedicated himself to film making, joining the local amateur film-makers’ club, of which he was one of the most active members for many years.
  • Le Blanc Charles (1916 - 1967)

    Le Blanc Charles (1916 - 1967)

    A quantity surveyor at Neufchâtel en Bray, he participated (with Doctor Jacques Girard) in the creation of the amateur Photo-Ciné Bray film making group, of which he was president for many years. His films are of family life and voyages, but also of local news. Many sporting events are to be seen, but also a few hunting scenes, a popular local past time.
  • Le Cozic Jean-Pierre

    Le Cozic Jean-Pierre

    After diverse activities in theatre and cinema, then professional experience in journalism, he joined the minister for Youth and Sports where he was at the disposition of several organisations which eventually constituted Pôle Image de Haute Normandie. As a film-maker he was the force behind numerous films including fiction, animations, documentaries and educational films.
  • Le Gouader François (1917 - 1999)

    Le Gouader François (1917 - 1999)

    Born in Havre, an officer in the merchant marine, he spent his entire career with the Compagnie Générale Transatlantique. He made home movies as a past time. A union, political and mutuality activist, from time to time he put his hobby at the service of diverse elements in the life of Havre.
  • Le Roy Raymond (1893 - 1987)

    Le Roy Raymond (1893 - 1987)

    A wholesale merchant of groceries in Dieppe, established in 1921, from the mid 1920’s to the mid 1930’s he made a series of 9.5 mm films including one on the Dieppe car racing circuit in 1935.
  • Le Roy Yves (1922 -2012)

    Le Roy Yves (1922 -2012)

    An optician established in Fecamp, we owe him for a very large number of documentaries on maritime life, car races, the traditional religious festivities of the Norman coast etc. His dynamism and the quality of his productions allowed him to become, for 15 years, a correspondent for the ORTF and France 3 Normandy, for whom he made close to a thousand reports.
  • Wermester Michel et Rémy

    Wermester Michel et Rémy

    Twin brothers born in 1943, they were introduced to amateur film making through popular education clubs. Later, having perfected their technique at the cinema section of the Havre Maison de la Culture, they specialised in local news films within this organisation. Most of their films give a good description of social activities in and around Havre.
  • Viel Robert (1899 – 1959)

    Viel Robert (1899 – 1959)

    A carpentry contractor and assiduous member of the Rouen Photo-Club, he produced rare documentary films of Rouen during the liberation (1944) and after the war. Many of his films are fully fledged productions with precise editing and opening and end credits.
  • Tragin André

    Tragin André

    An amateur film maker and salesman at the Olivetti company, he was commissioned by his company to make a documentary on the Rouen-Les Essarts race, part of the Normandy motorcycle club grand prix.
  • Thomas Jacques (1925 – 2011)

    Thomas Jacques (1925 – 2011)

    A farmer in Lammerville in the Pays de Caux. In the 1960‘s he won a super 8 camera in a village fete raffle. He quickly became passionate about his new means of expression and recorded diverse events of village life.
  • Tailleur Philippe (1911 - 1997)

    Tailleur Philippe (1911 - 1997)

    Spending his entire career selling agricultural produce in the Eure region, film making was his main hobby. His body of work is divided between children’s games, tourist excursions sports events and long voyages.
  • Tailleur Jean-Pierre

    Tailleur Jean-Pierre

    Spending his entire career selling agricultural produce in the Eure region, film making was his main hobby. His body of work is divided between children’s games, tourist excursions sports events and long voyages.
  • Sergent Henri (1910 – 2003)

    Sergent Henri (1910 – 2003)

    A drawing teacher at Lycée Corneille in Rouen, he extended his teaching to photography and film making. A film making enthusiast, he founded Club des Cinéastes Amateurs de Rouen. His extensive filmography, with most of his films being made in the 1950’s and 1960’s, brilliantly illustrates the glory days of amateur film making.
  • Robert Guy  (1922 – 1985)

    Robert Guy (1922 – 1985)

    A horticulturist in the Eure, he used his enthusiasm for film making to produce home movies and local mini-documentaries. His technical mastery and professional engagement lead him to make technical and educational films showing innovations in modern horticulture.
  • Ripplinger Yvette  (1923 – 2011)

    Ripplinger Yvette (1923 – 2011)

    A long serving employee of the UN (a conference officer at Unitar in Geneva), she used her film making skills “acquired at City College in New York” to film (in 1952 and in 16mm) various views of the village where she grew up. The result was a film 45 minutes in length (edited in 2002 by Sylvette Robson) titled Il était une fois La Couture-Boussey. The film shows women at the wash house, the town’s marching band, the threshing, the local trades, and the musical instrument making workshops at the Leblanc factory.
  • Quilichini Armand (1915 – 1998)

    Quilichini Armand (1915 – 1998)

    A territory civil servant and secretary-general for the municipality of Trait (76), he left us various films of his adopted town recorded in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
  • Pigeaire René (1911 – 1994)

    Pigeaire René (1911 – 1994)

    An engineer and building entrepreneur, passionate about photography, he purchased a film camera in 1946. From then on all his spare time was devoted to photography. Over the years he made films of voyages, family and short documentaries. Self-taught, (in the beginning he developed his own films) his work reveals a mastery of editing techniques. Keeping up with technical advancements, he adopted every new development in terms of format. Only sickness prevented him from acquiring a video camera at the end of his life.
  • Perrot Albert

    Perrot Albert

    A union representative in Havre, in May 1968 he made a rare film of the unfolding of the “events”. The editing of the film was carried out by the cinema unit of the Maison de la Culture in Havre.
  • Noufflard André (1885 – 1968)

    Noufflard André (1885 – 1968)

    French-Italian artist-painter. He made over 700 amateur films (9,5 mm or Carter Pathé Baby) with his wife Berthe, between 1925 and 1940.
  • Mura Pierre (1914 – 1985)

    Mura Pierre (1914 – 1985)

    An insurance agent who was passionate about photography, he purchased an 8mm camera in around 1946. His filmography is above all consecrated to scenes of family life. One notable film about 12 minutes long, however, is dedicated to the traditional Joan of Arc festivities in Rouen.
  • Moignard Claude (1922 – 1996)

    Moignard Claude (1922 – 1996)

    Self-taught photographer and film maker specialised in industrial photography and advertising films, he made several documentaries in the first half of the 1950’s.
  • Martin Jean (1907 – 1996)

    Martin Jean (1907 – 1996)

    An amateur film maker and radio-electrician. In 1950, he founded the Club des Cinéastes Amateurs d’Aumale (Seine-Maritime), with Jean Fournot, M. Pathier, l’abbé Rabiot, and Docteur Lejeune, whom were later joined by Pierre Dupuy and Bernard Lainé.
  • Mabriez André (1912 – 1993)

    Mabriez André (1912 – 1993)

    A soliciter in Rouen from 1955, he spent his spare time on film making, shooting holidays and family events. His abundant filmography reflects the sociability of a certain social class after the war: long trips, sports and religious ceremonies.
  • Lepert André  (1925 – 2002)

    Lepert André (1925 – 2002)

    Railway worker and unionist, he was responsible, as a Cfdt official, for filming various events of union life (the 34th congress of the general federation of metal workers in 1968 in Rouen) and social unrest in the Rouen area, such as the strikes and demonstrations in May 1968. His union duties also took him to Togo and Italy (Turin) from where he returned with documentaries, or simply tourist films.
  • Legros René (1872 – 1954)

    Legros René (1872 – 1954)

    A man with a multi-facetted personality, he spent his life at Fecamp where he was a constructor of automobiles. In 1900 he was present at the Universal Exhibition in Paris where he offered two models of car for sale. Passionate about history, naturalism, music and painting, he was also an amateur photographer and film maker. His films (recorded between 1928 and 1938) show maritime life at Fecamp and constitute a precious testimony of its prestigious past.
  • Lefebvre Bernard dit Ellebé (1906 – 1992)

    Lefebvre Bernard dit Ellebé (1906 – 1992)

    Professional photographer and film maker (studio Photo Ellebé, place Beauvoisine in Rouen) he took thousands of photos of Rouen around the middle of the twentieth century. As a film maker he made various documentaries (his first tests in 16mm date from 1937) which have as their themes voyages, maritime life and diverse events in Rouen covering the period from the 1930’s to the 1960’s.